Seriously I loooove fooood!….oooopsie not just love them but really into embracing the eating process….savoring the goodness and awesomeness it brings to my mouth and to my soul.heheh that’s why I love to travel,coz I know food is different everywhere!!

But heya!! living in Bangkok means you’r in a place where the world need to go any farther babe! here, you are in every corner of everywhere. Lately been so fascinated with Arabic food..Hamus and Peta bread! yummmy and one hell of shawarma… goodness!! it makes my eyes rolling for nAmnAMness..oh dear .. food? I couldn’t describe any better! Whatever landed in my mouth that I like, I really nail the eating!…now what makes me write something about my secret passion, which obviously not a secret anymore…since when?..never mind..I know my mom knows when it all begun.hahah

Anyway, I was just stunned by the amazing realities that centers to food around us. How it makes people healthy and fat but it brings life into food is not just part of our need to survive…but also it’s been handed to us as a reward to what we achieve in life. If we are imagining that delicious- exotic- classy-head-over-stomach food, it’s like planning to succeed and live comfortably. A simple rule perhaps is ‘crave for sky rocketing food then climb up the ladder coz it’s there all hot and sizzling,waiting for us, it might be high above us but just below the sky reasonably reachable!

UNIQUE EATS in there 4th season now.. watch and enjoy.. you will surely be inspired, just I am ..:)


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