Lately I tend to ignore good stuff and important issues in life. coz I focused so much on what was painful.But during those times I realized that part of human nature is the love to savor the  proximity of sadness and indulge the aching moments not to mention the seeking of consolation from others. Ironic as it sounds, but on those days we wanted to move on and trying to tell people how we badly  wanted to get out from the heartache.

Then just as the sun set to rise and explode its awesomeness to start the day, that then we also get up and jump for unknown reason and experience a certain feeling of relief. That day marks the new day where I feel so deeply inlove with myself, that I consider everyone close to me. Therefore, not the selfish self love.

A new peaceful self renewed by God’s grace as my  guilt and sadness blown away. For God let me experienced all those things and obviously gave me the lesson so I can say ” I’ve lived with it” and apparently I can be more of the understanding person if I hear someone is experiencing heartaches.

Tips for women seeking for  real love: ( might not be applicable to everyone)

1. Start it right. When he expresses intention to know you. Let him exert the effort. Man is made  of courage and perseverance.Let him live up to that expectations.

2. Test the chemistry not the person or yourself. Just enjoy the moment of light topic, get to know him by basic inquiries, then let him take the flow, if he’s really into you, he will open up some not-so sensitive info about him.

3. If he’s really interested, he’ll ask things about you..just answer what is being asked.Stick to it, but of course give some supporting thoughts,( avoid one liner answers!)  Don’t try to be offensive, defensive, and guarded. Just let your true self be known.

4. Open topic. This time, ideas and thoughts are vital.Watch out, again test the chemistry not the individuality. By constant talking be mindful also for the words to use, limit the futuristic ideas of togetherness, and avoid opening the cards of ex’s.

5.Phase 2: the follow ups; like any other business transactions , follow-up is crucial to help close the deal. When he ask for another date, make sure it would be something special, far from your first one. As I just observed, the first day is the trial and error stage, if he truely wants you then he’ll now be open of something wonderful moments with you. And he’ll get out from his comfort zone and really take the risk to pursue you.

6. Around this time it is more of comfortability: girls in general, are fascinated and overwhelmed right at the guy’s first move, when she said yes to the first invitation it’s  being like in a wish come true the precious 2nd date is the stage where a compatability is being scrutinized. When at this stage you feel some awkwardness, you really HAVE to PUT an END!..the end. no more next..but not to the point of telling it to him, but decline  if ever there’s next.( coz when he show’s a sorta-ur- not- my-type gestures, then u’ll be totally in trouble in the future that u’ll mess up every definition of love)  

7. Assuming that, 2nd date went  well coupled with constant communication in guy’s consistent effort, the next dates are just for the two of you to be in a mutual decision if you’ll take it seriously, if you feel that being together makes you both happy. Be open to what you feel, listen to him as he also open up his intention on you. Happiness is given for every feeling of love and commitment to each other.

8. Wonderful relationship is not a 100% happiness: of course we knew that! but it’s wonderful in a sense that two individuals are ready to face every small and big waves they’ll meet as they sail together and to experience the tremendous beauty of the ocean.


*** kymtots back to love love love *** inpiration from ownself is really priceless!!!!





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