Little achievement Lord!! means so much to me.
It’s really  an overwhelming feeling knowing that my hobby of writing somehow reached a certain level of success. Although I never earned anything from my articles, yet, I still feel ecstatic and blessed. Thank you God! You have blessed me with inspirations that enabled me to write and express what I feel. 
This is my first time to share my hubpages account here, so bear with me as I’m proud to present to you my intellectual properties. 
I started writing to hubpages 10 months ago and my very first entry was about my travel to Singapore  where I wrote down practical tips to enjoy Singapore without spending much. This Hub is my most viewed article to date.
Right after, I wrote down an article inspired by how I feel being blessed of having my dear parents in my life, Though it’s quite low in traffic viewing but still I held it close to my heart as it somehow describe how wonderful my parents are for me, they let me become the person I am now…restless to follow my dreams in life.
Then, I made something that reflects how I value money and my little knowledge  of how to make money works for us, not the other way around Ever since,  I was raised in a business world, both parents are self-employed, been through ups and downs  but one thing I learned is always to take the risk..that’s how successful business person does magic! 
Next, was about living and struggle to adjust for the new environment and culture I am at…This in a way tells how I found my life in Bangkok a splendid one, but then Philippines is my only home by heart. 
And after 4 months of a busy life I caught up in an experience of a lifetime, worth recording . I thank the person who made such a big difference in my life and somehow I owe him a big respect for not because of him I wouldn’t see the other side of love. He showed me how love works in the other side of the wheel. 
Then, with another adventure seeking moments in my life I went into this one great travel to the exotic country of Vietnam In  this travel I was into such high and really felt an enormous connection to myself and to God’s wonderful creations, that somehow leads into realization and finding answers to what I really want to do in life. To what I am capable doing. Traveling for me is not just about the destination but it’s more of a reflection and journey towards finding my true and inner self. 
And my latest hub      this is all about inspiration and  my understanding to some aspect of life.
Reason why I have to make this effort of posting a blog that merely talks about my hubpages is that, I already reached the 1000 views of all my hubs, yeah! after 10 months.. I was awarded through  an accolades plaque to my hubpages profile, hope you can notice it
Thank you God for I know this gift is from you. And I am hoping and looking forward for more more articles to write.
I have been obssess with quotes and life’s meaningful taglines..whatever you call them. Anyway, while reading and reposting them in twitter I found the process kinda weirdo. It’s just like being hungry that you eat, then do some energy burning activities then feels hungry again…well basically that’s how we live, that’s life!
But for some reason I can also attest that READING inspiration, love and motivational quotes are nothing but a basketball,we dribble it and it bounce back, then dribble again and bounce again…unless we make a good shoot then the dribbling becomes all worthwhile. That’s when we apply all those stuff we are reading.
Hope for a better tomorrow, live for today, and forget yesterday. Love life for all its worth and yourself.  —>
this one needs a thorough understanding, what if someone might just spend all his money buying gold coz it says there “LIVE FOR TODAY”, (though really gold is a good investment) but see the point, it’s telling us to live life NOW! to whom does it wants to address? it perfectly suits to me though. coz I am a freeminded person but worries a lot of the future, it’s telling me to just live NOW and stop worrying as future has its own time. 
How can we eventually live life and enjoy it for A DAY? as if no tomorrow..
  Reflect and answer…….for me I pray ( at times I forget) and do what is needed to be done on that day without complains. And I reach out to people I want and honestly feel like reaching out. And I DO what I feel like doing,, like now while writing this blog..I woke up this morning and it came up that I want to write something.   So please do the same, we are all unique, blessed with different talents and interests.. do what you want. Put your heart to a blissful mode. And you’r good! Living life to it’s fullness of time.
Another is;
Nobody has a perfect life. Everybody has their own problems. Some people just know how to deal with it in a perfect way.
This is a great quote for someone who is having difficult times, but watch out for the attitude of not doing at all,since it has been stated that some are having worst situations..I personally address this quote to poor people, financially, that in a way make them poor emotionally, intellectually and even worst spiritually. I hate poverty  and I too hate to see people studying poverty, examining the cause and not really into finding solution. When we say ‘ NO ONE UNDERSTANDS US BETTER THAN OURSELVES’ it’s also same thing as ‘ NO ONE CAN MAKE US FEEL RICH THAN OUR OWNSELVES’..we cannot deny that poverty exist, it’s always and has been there long before, but if YOU ARE IN THAT POVERTY STATE! YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR POORNESS TO RICHNESS! wake up, stand up!! pick those bottles and sell them to junkshop!! read newspaper, talk with people, create ideas and innovate!! do not just eat but cook and sell. Study, study, study and work. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE, CHANGE YOUR DAILY ROUTINE, don’t waste your day by just talking and backfighting and facebooking!   (even if i know no one read this, but I’m hoping that this drive against poverty will reach to those concern individualsomeday)
A relationship is like a race. The faster you go, the faster it ends. Don’t rush it
What can I say to this, yes, of course the faster we drive the faster we reach the finish line…but is it really over!? is touching the finish line the end of the race? nope my dear!…we just have to wait for another race to begin and rock our racetrack of life. It might be the same car we are driving or another, the motivation is that in whatever stage of relationship, WE ARE DRIVING FOR THE WIN. It’s the process of racing, it’s the feeling of wanting to to be the winner that motivates us to love, although we sometimes lose the race but in the other side of the wheel there’s that winner pot waiting to be raced.
Success keeps you glowing, Failures keeps you humble, but only God keeps you going
Now the important thing is to always remember that our success is not ours alone but God’s and to all those surrounds us.. I am not saying that we share this success to them but to really give them ownership of our success in life. It is through this that we feel happy and contented and worry free. When we achieve something high or big we feel blessed, at times we feel overwhelmed but at the end of the day we feel sad and alone coz no one is there to feel the same way that we do, no one understands, no one can see us. What’s important is to take part of that success and then let others enjoy, let loveones feel successful, give them the joy and pride, give them the happiness and laughter, give them love and compassion! Let’s give our talent, show it to them. Let’s give our time, let’s talk to them.  And if we face failure they also own a part of it, thus it lessens our burden and ease the process of coping up. They will be  our allies, our source of motivation and strength to fight back.
Kym here—>hope you enjoyed reading this as I am having wonderful time expressing what I feel.



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