Oh dear i feel like blogging again and make chika for some random stuff..main issue! me turning 26 on the 9th..now what’s the big difference from previous bdays..BIG NO.1 That I am kilos heavier than last year  BIG NO. 2 That I am kilos heavier than the other year…..and sad to say i feel that I am now at my heaviest ever….now i really feel and see and hear that I am really BIG! well the advantage is that if ever I’ll be back on my last 7 months weight it’l be very visible and noticeable, so they won’t ever tell me I am still fat coz they’ve seen how BIG i am right now..

This year for me would be a busy one..busier i suppose..coz I am going to work out for my desired weight and that I am sure I’m going to have my dream mountain bike and be part of the biking team here, never mind if i’ll be the first woman to be part of the team. A little push and my parents will allow me to do so…hahahah

Shorter issue: HAIR
Got this tomboyish hair now, which was my plan long time ago..now that I am single and free I really wanted to feel that freedom, so when I wake up I don’t feel the need to comb…hahhaha well anyway it suits well to a slimmer figure, which I’ll surely work on it..wish me luck.

Tiring issue: Me and my books and others
At times I wanted to be alone but I can’t..if before work started at 7:30 to 5:00, now it’s way different and more tiring.. i have to be early in opening the store at 6:00 and close around 9 with few naps in the middle and short readings…. serious reading starts at 10:00 – 12:00 ==EQUALS PIMPLES AND EYEBAGS!

But inspite of that, this BIG DAY is a blessing coz i’ll be celebrating my bday at home with family after 8 years, the last one was during my 18th bday. 
Dear God thank you, for you’ve been so generous to me and to my family..thank you for giving me another year to experience your love and kindness.

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