Today I’ll mark my calendar

For this day my dear I drive my car
Going farther and farther
Bringing the pain and sadness
Emptiness and sorrow
If only for today your heart could be borrowed
I let it love me,just for today
What is there in waiting 
If I know the memories are fading
The painting is ruined
and the past is burned
I’m tired of waiting 
Not for anything
But just one thing
A sweet “Hello”
Or “How are you”
I’m just pissed off
As the memories are tough
Memories that pauses me
Not for a while but longer
That I could not able to move 
Or fly like a dove
For I know I could never have your love
If Adele composed songs from heart aches
I’m glad to know that I’m now writing spontaneously
For in spite the pain of waiting I could still benefit something 
Time to let go of the wind that surely will never pass by again
And accept that I could never draw a paint of you again
For if we meet someday,I’d be happy to know you are okay.
(#emotionsneedtobereleased #feelingsrecorded)


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