This afternoon I was asked by my high school teacher to be the guest speaker for the upcoming convocation. I could not say no for I could not think of any possible excuses. Thus, I am now so busy thinking of what to write in my speech yet I was caught up in the idea of making a blog just to prepare my mind and attract only positive thoughts of what words to use. Basically it’s all about inspiring and motivating students to do their best in their studies and prepare their selves for greater responsibilities as they grow.

The event will happen 4 days from now and I have mixed feelings, I am happy of course for the opportunity and worried as well if I could be an effective inspirational speaker. Much as I want to give my best for this,but I am in the point of my life where I just made the biggest decision so far and I can’t vouch for a hundred percent certainty of what I’m going to say.

If I talk about success, Am I successful…i guess i’m still at the striving stage.

If I talk about happiness, Am I happy..I’m fine.

If I talk about dreams, how many dreams I do need to fulfill.

If I talk about being inspired, Do I feel inspired.

If I talk about studies, am I doing good in my reading.

If I talk about lovelife, surely it would not be proper to talk about that in front of the high school studs.

If I talk about confidence, Am I confident enough.

Yet, in spite of these I am still going to deliver the speech in front of the honor students, deserving teachers and proud parents. Therefore, the only option for me is to recollect all the wonderful learnings and realization I’ve got and just share every piece of lessons and experiences I had in life. For I believe that the way to be inspired is to be an inspiration for others.

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