There are days that I am hunted with thoughts of where could be my Diary is right now, it was my special journal which I kept my secrets and more of about my love life. It was a gift from a close friend on my 16th Birthday. What made it an extraordinary journal was the promise or visionary statement I wrote at the back cover on the same day I received it, I wrote  that “10 years from now I will meet my soulmate and that before I’ll marry him I will let him read everything what I’ve written in my diary so he will know everything about me especially of how the fate leads me to him”. So for 9 long years i carried it wherever I go, I had it when I worked abroad and chose to write only the most significant and unforgettable experiences I had, so with my entries there where gaps of months or even a year. In spite the lapse of time, yet in every time I read my diary I feel the years that gone by, the emotions and feelings that once there but at present they’re all but memories.  I consider it as my dear partner that at times of stress and if I need a shoulder to cry on, I can always count on it.

Last year 2012 due to time constraints and on my not-so-organize-practice of packing, I left it when I came back to Philippines for good. My housemate cleaned everything,without knowing how important it is to me, my diary went to the box of “to donate” or “to throw” and of where, that I do not know.

Reflection on why it was lost in my hands:

>after 10 years, I am still single..maybe the fate is not for me to get married at this age

>that I need to somehow make a fresh experiences for another 10-year visionary planning

>that it might be with the hands of someone needing inspiration,if it’s inspiring anyways..hoping that a girl have it..oh please not to any man..that I wish.

>lastly, the biggest possibility is that it is now rotten or pages turned to ashes 😦

Wherever or what it is now, I’m always thankful for my special diary for the comfort it gave me at those times I needed someone,something to express was my dear best friend. THANK YOU T’Diary!

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