Hello there now I have new cyberspace world….twitter!! thanks to my friends who helped me in the ordeal of creating one…I just found it so complicated…and quite noisy…but it’s fun…

why noisy? .. coz i’m the type of person who don’t have lots to say…or I prefer to keep quiet most of the time…but I do talk a lot…I could be so noisy too…but to few people…mostly my so close friends and family….while writing this blog I’m also listening the news about Japan of which cause me some sort of stress since it happened..though I’m trying my best to relax and be calm…coz really I have so much paranoia’ stuff..like:

1. Afraid of gas tank…if i happen to pass one of those I feel really scared..thinking it might explode…so i walk fast..or even run..

2. Afraid of going to bars..not that I really don’t like going but the thought of someone might inject a syringe with HIV contaminated blood while ur having fun dancing…spcially here in bkk…the idea I got while reading info with mom before i came here…( my mom is sooo like me..or i got these from her..paranoid..ahhahha i love you mommmy!)….not just to bar for things like this but to crowded places..and even theater…reason why before i sit down and have to tap the place of where I’m about to sit…weird..right? who can testify!? my housemates here! they dreaded me so much of this….call it kill joy…but this is just my way of avoiding things…even worst things .heheh

3. When natural and manmade disasters happen it will take me for a while to be assure that it would not affect me and my loveones…so from Japan,newzealand earthquake! imagine how things work in my head….:( i needed hug from my boyfriend! ahhaha but he’s too far! 😦 good thing I have my Big God who is more than enough to comfort me..:)

4. accidents and stuff related to that….seriously if I see one from youtube or even in movies..i get so affected..i don’t feel like going out…

soooo, for all these my only solitude is reading books to any places I feel safe…got lots of them…i’m investing…thanks to my work i have enough money to buy books I want to read..

and of course to be always connected with my family and constantly praying to God keeps me sane from all the worries I have in mind…I continuously seek for True comfort.

Life is really great only if we choose to make it great!:)


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