Indeed time runs quickly that a glimpse of this and that is enough for this roller coaster ride!

As I scanned my multiply site, amazing trully is the adjective.It amaze me of how I was able to record my journey for 6 years now..then I came into realization that I am an avid diary keeper. On my 16th birthday I received a diary as a gift since then I jotted down sad and wonderful events of my highschool days and until now I still carry the diary it has few pages left though..

Anyway, multiply, friendster,facebook and even my blogspot are just my history keeper, they make me feel free and apparently the only things that will absorb whatever I have in mind.

This year I will be turning 25! silver anniversary of my existence here in our wonderful and magnificient EARTH. Just a thought, how could I feel so special if I where to compare myself from the rest of the world’s creatures I am just a percent in that very tip of the pen….drop it Kym! that’s not the point..

As time runs so fast everything that goes with it will be a forgotten stroke ,like leaves in the trees that falls down and decay. But never would we forget the signficance it gives and how it affects everyone,everything around…the worth that we can see at the end is what matters most, can we try to check our selfworth..are we now depreciating or continuously appreciating..

Time and movements equals CHANGES~the only constant thing on Earth..everything is bound to change constantly..and part of our being human is being immune to changes..but in some point of this fast pacing ride we want to stop..and look back…glancing back means pausing,,,then momentarily we are in the crossroad of life! where decisions are vital to either move forward join the in the lane of speedy movements or really go back and enjoy the familiar scent….the choice is yours.



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