You’ll find below that most of my post came from my MULTIPLY blog site, since multiply is closing its service for blogging I came to bump into this site…and from now on I’ll be creating new stuff, writing new blogs…coz I guess I’m done copying and pasting my old multiply blogs….sooo let’s create NEW ones!!!

I am excited, I am really really excited to write and hopefully it’ll be more informative other than self-proclaiming blog…but please excuse me if I can’t control the urge to express myself πŸ˜‰

For this site I wish to write more of the following:

> Tips for a cozy and budget trip to Bangkok ( Yup!! I will, that I promise to myself as well. I just made a practical itinerary for my friend and it felt great, while preparing it I imagined that I am actually walking in the streets of Bangkok-the place where I left nothing but good and awesome memories )

> Tips for young entrepreneurs and to those planning to go into business

> Tips for coping up from heart aches and choosing how to make hurtful stuff into substantial and productive activities. ( being single you have to be happy and be prepared for the new love to come, or simply enjoy being free)

> bonus track: some stuff I learned in Law School

> Teaching tricks πŸ˜‰ (applicable only for college level)

> Funny Stories (when in grade school I used to read w “Laughter is the best medicine” section of Β Reader’s digest mmmmm maybe in there I developed my being sarcastic or ooooppss let’s rephrase that, it awakened my love and interest on sarcastic jokes! πŸ˜‰

> Tips for Budget travel to INDIA ( yeahhhpa this is what I’m telling u, excited for another exciting things to unfold, although this travel is still a dream but I’ll never stop dreaming on it until I land my very feet on Indian soil..I don’t know but it has been with me all this time even before Eat,Pray,Love movie came)

> Tips of how to have a lot of patience at work ( I had ample of those until I decided to exit the working arena—…sounds ironic,isn’t it?)

> Featuring food in any aspect ❀ namnamnamNAM

> AND MORE MORE OF TIPS OF ALL SORT OF STUFF! (( anything under the SUN– >being RANDOM is fun πŸ˜‰ but let’s make sure we are heading to somewhere permanent and settled πŸ˜‰

I only wish for one thing…please be with me for the entire journey.

Also your comments and suggestions are needed and much appreciated.

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