if only I could..
fly like a bird, jump like a kangaroo, play like a child..if only I could..

I’m pretty sure that they’re all unlikely to happen, but the concept of freedom is present, as human as we are we have that freedom, a notion to set free..freedom cannotes not only in physiological aspect of a person but on all facets of life…a mental freedom has something to do with expressing ideas and opinions that should be heard by many, or else a person might be held guilty in remaining silent.

Emotional freedom is as loud and clear of how we show love to our loveones..ironic as it is loving in a sense is not a choice but a certain uncontrollable blast that everyone is experiencing, a man without love is like a cursed dress who feels unwanted. Hey! i SHOULD be writing about how I feel like singing and be harmonized by nature, lost in tranquility and vanish in something propelling strokes of random sketch..

I just like to get in touch with this, as this…just as how I wanted to relax and be calm..and think! coz reaching the point of not thinking is as dangerous as getting myself in the frontier of South and North Korea! Sounds creepy hell! but Yah, been through tough times of unwanted state of mind…Could there be a remedy of this…

I know for sure…but could hardly be done…it’s like stopping cars when the traffic goes smooth and drivers freakily manuever forward, unmindful of the cars behind ;justso focus on what’s ahead..in the middle of rushing movements is the point of insensitivity,..In short I needed a break..I need to get in touch with myself after all it’s just me, a simple Kym who loves to enjoy the practicality of things and on enormous journey of this so called Life!!

until next mindless coercion.


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