Living in Bangkok is such an adventure…for quite sometime now I’ve been used with their culture such as eating spicy foods, riding a motorbike to speed up for an appointment and be calm during long hours of traffic.

Just now i feel like telling you how am I COPING and ENJOYING and TRYING……

Last week i started to work to kinda ideal work for me…(i remember mom telling me to keep the job or if not, GO hOME!!) …as I was coping with the new work environment i found it very challenging to deal with foreign teachers in any nationality,,kinda an advantage for me to practice my english…slang tongue might just come naturally…i hope so….also, i work in school but not as a teacher, I’m an office assistant to the foreign staff director of the school..i’ve been through tough times adjusting and familiarizing with the work routines…well i’m willing to learn….i’m not bothered with anything else except one thing…i might be bored…oppppsss

i got a solution with that prob….i just keep myself busy…after work i still rush for my tutorials..this is just one of a kind lifestyle i am upto right now…

i have not taken any pictures yet coz i have no time to do so…plus the fact that i have not been into malling or visiting beautiful spots since i started working full time…but now my calendar is again full for parties to attend next month and a tour..i’m keeping my fingers cross…and one thing that keeps me preventing to go online so often is that i dont have a pc yet…grrrrh it really makes me crazy….well i’m working to buy one…sooner before the year ends…:)

then organizing stufffs……i mean life learning stuffs….here i learn how to be patient and i learn to value hard work…and money…i’ve been through financially zero…yet friends and family always keep me just fine…i’ve been very dependent to them until i’m able to…

PRAYER keeps me moving….God is always there for me…I CAN REALLY TESTIFY TO HIS UNENDING MERCY AND LOVE…

FOR you guys who wants to work abroad…just be courageous to face everything..u’ll find it very surprising..:)

until next time,


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