I had the chance to capture the view which I pass by every weekend,upon contemplating with the single tree standing still  in the middle of the rice field, I can say it looks  outcast but that tree never feels alone. As it makes the tree more astounding with the vastness of clouds above and with the green natural surrounding,how could that tree feels sad. 

Like us, sometimes we feel that we are left behind. Only when we look around and see that the spacious space is our big arena to rediscover ourselves. And only when everything goes very fast we  feel tired in speeding, that we realize, heading to where we go is enough, so the speed as  how slow or fast we move, does not make any difference. Except that when we take it slow we get to enjoy the ride and the people riding with us. 

LIFE is about moving,changing and enjoying…we move, fast/slow enough to notice the change for the better route and enjoy the surprises ahead.  So,whenever alone, we should not feel sad for it is only an invitation to enjoy the  ride…Life is not a race!:) smile,laugh and savor the moment!<3

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