Inspiration  comes in different forms, may it be your family or your partner or things that you are currently busy into. Work is a good source of inspiration specially if it’s not just a mere job but a passion that you feel positive and excited about.

There’s a story of a girl, whose life was uncertain and she constantly seek for changes and she never gets contented with a single situation she’s in..she was ignited to flow freely and journey with excitement..she sacrificed things that somehow made her happy to take the risk and walk to the unknown. ,Now that she’s in the quarter of such journey,she realized that everything she had gone through, all made sense..for she’s one old soul who never gets tired discovering and wandering….that girl is ME. To sum it all up..I am again and overly inspired.

Wishing everyone to feel blessed and inspired too…..and to pause a moment for reflection to  seek for God’s comfort,through Him, we will know our purpose in life.Image,

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