Midterm election is set few days from now here in Philippines, some are adamant on their choice of candidates, others are still undecided. The uncertainty can make one vulnerable to be influenced by outside factors other than his/her own free will. Perhaps one best way to make up our mind on who to vote is to take a look on the candidate’s overall capacity to govern the people. The qualifications should not just rely on their established names and achievements but also to their ability to lead. Public service is more than just a duty but it should and always be a call to effectively bring out the best of people’s interest and not his/her own. When one decided to run an office, it’s a commitment to embrace. It’s like being committed to someone only that its you and the people. With that commitment are the unselfish motives and unwavering dedication to help make progress on people’s lives.

Let’s vote for someone we know that can lead without greediness. Our call now as concern citizens is to know our candidates very well. Let our own conscience and our own vision rule this coming election day! Vote wisely for a better Philippines!

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