It is always a pure joy for me to travel, may it be by simple motor or bus ride. It’s the feeling that I am in motion that makes me ecstatic.

Simple travel rules:

1. Travel without fix expectations; allow surprises to linger.

2. Travel with a flexible and light heart; turn bad encounters into funny mishaps,later it would be the topic you will keep talking and laughing with.

3. Go out and explore,, don’t allow headache to ruin the moment, be ready with your first aid kit. And be very careful of what you eat and drink to avoid toilet rush.

4. Do not complain and stop comparing the present trip to previous ones.

5. Have fun and bond with travel companions most of the time,other than taking pictures of the surrounding alone. Yet if the travel is intended for a solo soul searching,explain it before hand to them.

6. If traveling with partner,make it an opportunity to know her/him better by how she/he handles every situation.

7. Always pray for a safe and lovely travel.

I hope these simple rules make sense to you…travel safe everyone!;)

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