Hello!! been a while since my last serious blogging…anyway, I am again answering the call  to express my thoughts ,mainly because it’s nearly my birthday!!!wooot …as a yearly tradition, I am now having this pre-birthday blog 😉

When I compare from last year, my hair then was really short, now it’s longer and in brilliant redish color. My point is that, after a year of like being disoriented,somehow, I managed to settle and time stood still  while I did all the start ups of my life. 


A year that maybe if I wasn’t brave enough to surrender my all to God, I might have panicked and got into trouble. Everything that I am doing now has its own journey,such that sometimes I feel worried thinking that I am really a JILL of all trade, master of none.lol!

NOW I AM A..business college instructor,entrepreneur,law student, active Christian community leader,  twitter addict aiming for 1M tweets!!hehe and true love HOPEFUL seeker!;)

So from being a bank teller to a  sped teacher to an admin.asst. to lawyer wannabe and business guru wannabe..where would all these endeavors lead me.—–> to your heart,maybe?!!hahaha

Kidding aside, with my age and my drive for something not really determined career(i might end up a travel blogger)..all I can say is that I am taking the road less traveled..for it is really hard, now I am teaching  with lesser pay, business with good income but with  loans to pay and expenses to handle..dignified prefix title awaits, but more fun days/nights to sacrifice just to read the law books..and so, what is wonderful to this journey????!!!what? tell me now!!! will you…….mmmmm

KYM (Talking to myself) you are happy teaching and sharing your knowledge ( expertise) to all your students..and somehow in teaching it enhances your public speaking skills and comprehension of which needed in becoming a lawyer (really!!?? mmm) ….and while busy mastering the ins and outs of business, you are enhancing your creative side. Since then you find joy and calmness in doing grocery  shopping, now you are having that little- cutie -pie convenience store,isn’t  it awesome!? and ever since  (memorylane) with your chubby figure you find it hard to dress up, reason why you do have your own bohemian carefree taste of fashion (carefree since u don’t actually mind people telling you fat!) now you ventured in apparel business and somehow influenced some people to your fashion ….. KYM..u R blessed..believe in that! beautiful in your own world…

So, what’s good for all the hardships and bundle of stresses?!!It’s the H.O.P.E for B.E.T.T.E.R T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W.S!! future that will little by little accomplish the things listed in my bucket list, like, bungee jumping in Brazil and having 6 kids!! ❤ ohhh sounds magical to my ears..sweet thoughts..positive thoughts!!:)

Therefore, my wish for my birthday is to remain inspired. I cannot function without being ignited with inspirations..I may always find my tomorrows exciting and magical. God above,oh Father you are my great,faithful,unconditional provider….please be with me all the way!!

Happy thoughts everyone!!!!mwaaaaaah    

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