A close friend of mine called me up yesterday,  he’s a super thoughtful and gentleman friend  from college. He never fails to surprise me with his random little thoughtful greetings once or twice a year?!hehehe On the other hand, I also look up to him as a young businessman, he’s one of those young adults with perseverance and patience. When we were in school, we had many “day dreaming” conversations, that someday  we will become successful in the field of business.Now, I am happy seeing him achieving that and although, I am also in business ,at this point I can say he’s a big boss already while I’m still not. Nevertheless, I am happy and inspired by him,setting a good example for young entrepreneurs and dreamers alike. A simple short  advise from my friend..”earn a good money from selling and enjoy life”.

This inspired feeling is a blessing, I admit that sometimes being a person like me ( ADHD functional adult) focus remains a battle. Often I change things in life and before I reach the pick, I become hesitant and back out. My friends called this stage as  ” single woman syndrome” which I don’t agree.. hehe  My varied interests are the main factors of my ever changing plans in life, nonetheless, I STILL BELIEVE THAT IT WILL ALL MAKE SENSE TO ME” ….THE FUTURE IS UNPREDICTABLE ANYWAY! :)

***************************************happy thoughts everyone!****************************************** 


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