Today was a busy day listening to the live telecast of senate inquiry to Mrs. Napoles, whose name will never be forgotten by Filipinos as being accused of orchestrating a scandalous scam, that clearly reflects the corruption among government officials.

From what I/everyone  observed, Mrs. Napoles of course practiced her constitutional  rights when she denied all the allegations against her. 

Now, with the mountainous number of evidences gathered and presented, which the public is very aware of, how could she be able to booooom-shhhh-ziiip…chchch- bulldoze them off…she must be very powerful ,a super woman if she will be acquitted. Well she is indeed powerful and genius, in fairness to her, the fortune  she acquired was no ordinary woman can do that.

One senator gave credit to her achievements in life, from being poor to filthy rich, as I was trying to imagine, Mrs. Napoles was an ordinary being who once dreamed of having the comforts in life and who happened to wink flirtatiously to  MR. BREAKTHROUGH…yes, i’m talking about life’s breakthroughs, it’s when hard work meets opportunity!! VIOLA!! Mrs. Napoles took that great opportunity, as the saying goes ” opportunity knocks once”, and who would like to miss that?….but.. and BIG ‘BUTT’  I mean BUT…but what she grabbed was the  butt (sorry for the word) of MR. BREAKTHROUGH FROM THE BAD SIDE…tsk tsk…the GOOD SIDE could have been softer and  even B I G G E R!. 😉

Anyway, now aside from throwing questions to Mrs. Napoles, this could be a perfect time for us to reflect, contemplate..that sometimes in our own journey there are paths that at first glance we would know if they are leading to a GOOD BREAKTHROUGH OR BAD ‘BUTT’ BREAKTROUGH….we just have to bare in mind that when we choose to grab the BUTT of BAD  BRKTHR  we will end up like Mrs. Napoles, ridiculed by people ..poor dreamer,,,and it broke my heart seeing her like that, after all she was just once an ordinary FILIPINO who wished for good life…SO GUYS THE CHOICE IS OURS…TAKE NOTE…SUCCESS IS SWEETER AND SOFTER IN THE #5%@ OF GOOOOOOOD BREAKTROUGHS! 

*****************************************HAPPY THOUGHTS EVERYONE!!************************************

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