Ohhh just had a glimpse of ABOUT TIME movie review in the readers feed….another time travel story huh..well it’s  RACHEL MCADAMS ,will surely love the film….anyway, if given a chance to relive a moment I would go back to my Grade 2 classroom…there’s something/someone in that time I want to take photos of/with. 😉 ❤ then if given a chance to skip the time I will set it 3 years forward.,,how’s that sound….great…just great..coz I want to connect my grade 2 photos and 3 years from now moments….(mmmm dreaming)

But the awesome reality is to really live each day without regrets from the past and worries for the future..YOLO..WE ONLY LIVE ONCE…SOOO LET’S TREASURE EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES AND LET DESTINY ROAR! ❤ 

I don’t need a time travel just to correct what I have done wrong, it’s the future that I’m excited about,  if it is about love/relationship..I know this time the story  is written by GOD himself….wonderful one..and that person is no less than GOD’S chosen one for me.

#FEELINGBLESSED ❤ #havingFAITH #hopeful #truelove

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