From where I sit and sip my tea after politely accepted  a scoop of ice cream and a slice of cake, hope that my light aura extends to you through this blog. From bohemian printed top to  colored leggings I feel some peace of mind, some happiness..simple day yet so rich of meaning, of joy and of love. Then, I thought I should capture this moment..and somehow spread and share these feelings to my you.

So literally I am full of positive vibes that for me isn’t hard to is just a matter of choice. And here are those simple choices I picked.

1. I smile to everyone I know and bump into, praise them and have a small  talk if there’s a chance. Just this morning I was able to talk to atleast 5 people while queuing in the bank.

2. I maintain a good and tranquil relationship and working environment with my sister Paula and brother Bandoy.

3. I respect and obey mom and dad’s instructions, open up my concerns to them too.

4. I date and dine with my super friend Mary Ann once in a while. Last night it was a good catching up session for us..talking about love life and our soon travel adventure.

5. I am open and relax with my special someone, as long as we keep the communication ON, nothing much to worry about. It’s with him that I feel inspired..the magic he brings into my life is beyond compare.   ❤ ❤ ❤ . (inconsistent as it seems, future together maybe an illusion..but it’s Him up there knows what is really there ahead of us..we are drown with hope and faith that this love will stand amidst trials)

6. I treat things lightly, and avoid being overwhelmed with responsibilities in school where I teach and to all the books I have to read for my law studies.

7. I treat everyone right but ignore those who can’t make me any good, not that I’m choosing friends but I believe that I can’t please everyone.

8. I am grateful for people who come and go with deep meaning of their existence in my life, just recently someone who became an instrument for me to realize that in life there are a lot of decisions to make, of choices to choose and I have to  pick one of those with the full faith that I have chosen what is right and best for me. Nevertheless, I am grateful.

9. I keep my diet proper, taking good care of my body and my health to help me achieve my goal, of becoming a happy and fulfilled wife and mother in the future.

10. I keep my heart burning with passion and love to God through my service in my SFC organization..with God I can make everything in place.

Above are  simple things I keep on practicing to maintain a happy disposition in life..hope you too can feel that magic of joy in everything you do! ❤

Happy Thoughts Everyone!!! HAPPY WEEKEND AHEAD!

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