( it is with the blog below which I’ve read from thehappinessgroup.com I am able to express what I am feeling..BY LOVING I FEEL LOVED… ❤ AND EVERYDAY IS JUST SOOOO PERFECT TO LOVE….  from happy thoughts to happy thoughts—->really  takes me into a deep blissful feeling. )

Which is more powerful?  The feeling of being loved…or the feeling of loving?

It is absolutely true that the feeling of being loved is wonderful.  But here’s something to think about…have you ever had times of self-doubt, self-criticism, or even self-hatred?  Did you feel loved then?  Were you able to feel the love that was flowing to you?

I know I wasn’t able to.  And I know that I was loved during those times…I know that my Inner Being (or Source Energy, God, All-That-Is, or whichever name you feel comfortable with) was, and always is, loving me…always, without exception!  But when I didn’t love myself, I wasn’t able to feel that love pouring forth from my Inner Being.

However, when I am looking for things to appreciate and praise, both within myself and without, I feel light and happy and joyful and free.  When I am gentle with myself, and I take the pressure off…

I can feel powerful energy flowing through me…the same energy that creates stars and planets and worlds.

Then I am feeling love…I am loving.

And that feeling of loving is so delicious!  When I am loving I feel happy; joyful; free; and full of fun.  When I am loving I feel excited; passionate; powerful; and inspired.  When I am loving I feel clear-minded; positive; and eager.  When I am loving I feel blissful and blessed.  When I am loving I also feel…loved.

For it is only when I am loving – doing what is natural for me to do – that I am able to feel loved…by my Inner Being, and by others around me.

So, which feels more powerful?  For me, it is always, without exception…loving.


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