Summer is about to end and I want to capture some summer-Ry stuff that made it to my Experience-Bucket List. For someone like me who is still connected in school, summer still has the relieving effect and as much as possible I wish to savor each day until the reality bites again. So for this time I would like to blog something that can inspire my readers ( if there’s anyone..well, you are reading this now, so I count you as one...wink wink wink  ). Consider this as  kinda funny story, except that I am not trying to make you laugh, but then if you will, you may and don’t blame me for farting non-stop,sounds exaggerating, guess what , I am. 😉


My  summah holiday partially  started the moment I submitted my exam notebook a day before the 4-day Cebu backpacking adventure with siblings. The trip again tightens the bond of our sibling-Ship as we talked non- sense and laughed giddily for being ignorant of some stuff in the city. And just like the previous sibling-travel we had, I caught myself alone at one point because I lazily did not contact any friends I have in the city. Honestly I am the type of traveler who wants to enjoy with my companions rather than meeting others, but when if I’m traveling alone, mind you, the moment I set for that travel I will immediately hit my phone and  call on friends I would like to meet.

Okey,now, randomly I would like to enumerate below the things I’m grateful about the trip;


>>>>>>  I got reunited with my fave 7/11 convenience store as it is  indeed located  conveniently from our hotel.By the way 7/11 is my big inspiration for owning a convenience store here in my hometown, I just love the fact that  customers even those without the intention of buying can actually grab  and buy something,coz I’m one of them. Recalling those time in Bangkok where I found myself inside 7/11, after a long and tiring day from work, I candidly bought anything to eat, drink or use hoping it’ll give comfort. 


>>>>>>> I step in the  city that I once cursed, just because my young untamed heart got brokenhearted by someone from there, which of course at this very moment I don’t feel any pain mainly and principally because I am so deeply-Godly-passionately-faithfully in love with my one and only Dearest. ❤ So, my point of mentioning that past is only for writing purposes and to remind myself that  pain and failures of the past are essential ingredients of enjoying the present and in creating a happier future. 


>>>>>>> I am thankful to realize that I am no longer a- big- city or metropolitan girl that I once was. I spent my university years in Cagayan de Oro, few years too of working there and then lived in Bangkok for 3 years, a much bigger and busier city. During those years I thought that I am really for the glamour and itsy-bitsy-Busy lifestyle of the urban place then came the decision to settle and spend time with family to my little hometown, where I could still enjoy  breathing the not- so- polluted air. Most of all I am blessed with the chance of spending precious moments with my parents and siblings before  setting and getting myself ready to live in another place ( a green city with mountains around..hopefully) with the partner God prepared for me..where all my life lessons and experiences are intended to create a wonderful family. Look how advance thinker I am..mmmmm well, I’m  just putting my best-faith forward. With God nothing is impossible.


>>>>>>> I am simply thankful of spending quality  time with my dear Banik, baby Pauling and baby Bandoy. This kind of bond we have is not really different from other siblings out there but to where we are right now, it is because we worked for it. When we were kids we quarreled like no tomorrow and we grew up somehow hating each other, until we started to see the beauty of having sisters and brother whom we can talk with of anything under the sun, even in an insanely manner. Indeed, every relationship is like a profession, one should work for it to progress and become stable. It does not grow overnight.


>>>>>> > The trip brought me back to the past, it was when we were in the ferry. Spending a night in the middle of the sea  was truly a bliss for me. Part of my happy adolescence years were those summer breaks that I spent sailing for 3 days going to Manila, with little allowance, for conference either school related or in YFC. And having a spirit of a traveler, one of my most awaited travel of the future is to experience sailing in the Caribbean or Asian cruising with my partner and our future kids…..dreams ohhhh dreams…life’s aosis is in everytime we dream, it’s peaceful when we dream and it’s more wonderful when that dreams come true. ❤


>>>>>> The trip was simple yet meaningful. It’s not where we were but it’s how we got there..siblings- on-the -road experience.


And basically that summer travel to the urban city of Cebu, inspired me to blog again after the long hiatus. 😉

Yet, I failed to make you laugh..hahaha not a funny write up,but believe me I tried. 😉

HAPPY SUMMER THOUGHTS!!<3 WOOOOOAAAH summer is not yet over!!…. go grab your sun lotion and off to the beach beach beach beach for last SUMMAH HURRAY!!! 

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