As a self-proclaimed “happy- thoughts -addict” blogger there’s nothing else that makes me excited to write but stuff about happiness. Also, I have that talent to make happiness more appealing and addicting..kidding..yes, I am happy, not that I am convincing you to believe me, coz’ with due respect, I don’t write to please people but only to express what I am feeling, else, I’ll imprison myself of not writing…have you heard of self-imprisonment?! gosh the last thing I might consider at the very worst situation…well anyway, hey hey..I’m here now to tell you what I believe happiness is really about, its nature ,its facade  and its deep meaning. HAPPINESS FOR ME IS WHEN YOU ARE  “IN LOVE” …yes darling, you read it correctly.. in love….THE BIG L-O-V-E! tap your heart..ask your heart ” ARE YOU IN LOVE?”   In mentioning the magic word here, I’m referring not only of being IN LOVE romantically, although that’s really where this blog is going, but love that makes  your life BLISSFUL and ACTIVE..and FREE..and COLORFUL..and WONDERFUL most of all,love that makes you to LOVE MORE and more and that makes you STRONG, FEARLESS, SELFLESS.. love that HUMBLES you and makes you a BETTER PERSON…what is this kind of LOVE?…( darling, if you want to know take your eyes to read below ) 😉 #1 LOVE to your work ; whatever work/job/career you are at right now, might be in school, in the office, hospital, street, kitchen, house, your work and it will love you back by having a peaceful and healthy working relationship with colleagues, by promotion, increased income and improved career path..most of all it will wake you up early in the morning and go home later on feeling fulfilled. #2 LOVE to your weakness;  such love is full of awareness. Your weakness needs to be cared for,like when your are not good in math, take time to notice that and start fixing it until it becomes one of your strengths. Just like  a single mom who stands proud and keeps on believing that labels are challenges ( quoting it from Pantene commercial-Philippine edition). #3 LOVE to your family; family is always a family..nothing beats the satisfaction we can give and take from loving our parents, siblings and everyone in our proud to be part of the family it’ll not only make you feel belong but it’ll give you the COMFORT you will always long for, HOME. #4 LOVE for your dreams; could it be to climb the 2-meter mango tree or take a walk in the most beautiful beach or holding the hands of your precious little one 3 or 5  years from now, or sipping coffee next to your partner for the next 60 years, or going to that dream destination, or getting that job you always eyeing for ….and the list goes on and on and on…believe that it is your dreams in life that keeps you going…dreams are being made and the dream factory can produce without limits but not all are sorted to be in the ” fulfilled dreams” department, what matters most is that you KEEP the SEIZE OF LIFE EVERY SINGLE DAY because you wanted dreams to happen. #LOVE to your past  and experiences;   part of taking you to the depth of happiness is acknowledging the past mistakes and triumphs, these are ingredients to make life ahead a meaningful one. The past is the way to where we are now, what is only asked from you is to have that grateful heart not a bitter one. For the past to become a good lesson is to leave and forget those bad emotions behind, thus, extracting only those that can make you realize how good it was to have experience one and how helpful it will be today and tomorrow..PAST is a BLAST of FLAT TIRES,,you stopped for awhile…now you are traveling again, with a reserved tire known as the  STRONGER  YOU. # LOVE to your partner ; it’s not just the love of the relationship, the glitz that it gives you but the VERY PERSON you love..when you truly love someone it makes you love more than the person but the core of the person until you find yourself happily loving, without hesitations and doubts, without fears and without dreaming much for an ideal person or relationship…true love is not ideal love, it is reality..reality full of POTENTIALS, full of SACRIFICES, full of GIGGLES and most of all LOVE that INSPIRES..LOVE that has NO INSECURITIES, it has FREEDOM.. because that love is the VERY PERSON YOU CHOSE TO LOVE…that choice has a lot of WORDS to describe..and DO NOT TIRED yourself describing it… since loving the person you love is MAGICAL..magic is is INDESCRIBABLE. #lastly, Love to GOD; everything above are just glitters from the most radiant and ever PEACEFUL, FULLY-SECURED love to the very own SOURCE  of love and happiness, GOD. With Him you can find real joy and in return, FAITH AND HOPE He gives.   …….so what are you waiting for! 😉 GO and shine bright like a diamond,, TAKE that shining HAPPINESS with you…. FALL IN LOVE BIG TIME!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  have a happy MID YEAR EVERYONE!!   #blogdedicatedtotheverypersonwhoinspiresmealways #iloveyouLOVE #dearestofmine

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