Aloha! 18th Birthday tomorrow.. debut again?! Oh how I wish I’m 10 years younger. 😉 Well anyway, I’m so ecstatic to embrace another year with full faith that it’ll be another awesome year ahead of me..I wish especially for total forgiveness.I pray to forget every pain brought by a relationship that I thought was real and I pray for healing. What I also realized is the importance to value myself more as a woman, as a friend and as a person.

Now I consider everything as a lesson to become wiser, for I believe that everything happened with a purpose to better myself.  The journey that I am excited and driven to proceed is nothing less but the best, because I know God is with me always. So for my merry wonderful birthday I wish for positive energy and inspiration to ignite my whole being….and promise I won’t stop sharing happiness to everyone!! Let us all believe that LIFE is always GREAT  if we put things into the right perspective!!! As to your birthday wishes, just wish for more happy thoughts to me and to you!! HAPPY THOUGHTS everyone!! Big Big HUG!! ❤


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