Hello there!! Happy new year! After a long hiatus from blogging now I’m back. It took me a while to write again, all because I was so busy with a lot of stuff. And after the holabalo and crazy holiday schedule, I’m now back to my senses and taking this chance to reflect, to you know, dramatically program in my system that it’s already 2015!!!

I went over my head with resolutions, plans, wishes ,things-to-do, bucket list and etc….until I finally realized that I don’t need to think deep..all I need is to live. Live in every moment I am at. Live. Live.

The Year 2014 taught me how to live meaningfully and gracefully. From the outside it seemed chaotic, but inside of me I found the right peace I was looking for. It was a year where I found myself through following my passion, through being true to myself and through listening to my own intuitions. It was the year where I lived with so much love in my heart, a love that sees no limits, no lies and no pretensions. It’s the love to my self..it isn’t being selfish, rather it allows me more to love others, to see goodness from everyone. And most of all, it makes me love and honor God all the more.

May the year 2015 be well lived. May this be another meaningful year to me and to you. We can all make it this year!! Aja!!

hope I get lucky too of finding my soulmate this year! 😜my heart is ready !!!weeeeehhh πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰πŸ˜ I’m ready to meet a loving partner, someone with; tons of humor who I can share my loudest laugh , with peaceful and happy thoughts, loads of kindness,hardworking (who deserves a lazy man anyway) , undoubtedly single (not pa single2x-biggest; redflag) and looking for his soulmate too (hopefully me), humongous patience, crystal clear HONESTY (what can you get in lying anyway), dark green’ naughtiness, super contagious laughter, instilled with beautiful values in life, deepest faith and biggest love for me!!! πŸ™ regardless of when I’ll finally meet him, may it be this year or or in the next few years, I won’t stop making myself the right person for him.😍😘

(Girly advice to all single ladies: set your standards high and believe that God will meet that standards for you)



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