oh I miss blogging..I miss this part of me…miss everything that goes when I’m writing my random crazy thoughts 😁 well… well..it’ll come, one day I will surely find ample time to write leisurely.👌🏼👍🏼 For now I will just be contended with photo blogging. 

 Anyway, the year has come to its “AUsome” month of AUgust, my birth month! whoah! now that reminds me of my tradition of pre-birthday blog but because I’m so preoccupied with creating abobot, organizing and reading stuff, I wasn’t able to blog prior to my big 2-9 day! 🙀Yet, it didn’t make my birthday less memorable, I  celebrated with full of happiness and thanksgiving for I just survived another year  where I’ve learned a lot. And now that I’m down to my last 20-ish age, I have nothing to wish but a life filled with love, happiness and contentment with my family and people I cherish most.  

May God continue to be in my journey, may I always radiate the joy  I’ve managed to possess in whatever circumstances I am at. Amazingly, I didn’t feel any birthday blues all because I am not looking for what is missing in my life. Instead I feel at peace in letting go and believing that my best days are yet to come. 

Cheers to a wiser, more driven, smarter, adventure-filled, and faith-filled year ahead! 🍸🍸🍻🍺

I just love this game!🎱


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