Giving talks about God is something I always look forward to, yet always difficult and challenging coz’ I will never be a seasoned or mastered speaker in this aspect. Although I’m in the community for  15 years,from CFC-YFC to CFC-SFC but it’s 15 years of on/off relationship to my has been a rough journey  for me.

My most favorite part of being in the community is having the opportunity to inspire others about my life with God through group sharing and being a speaker. I am just one happy believer and I’m always grateful to God for in spite of my being sinful, He is constantly there for me. In the community I’ve listened and seen how people transformed and became better person. I myself, got lost and wasted but because of the glimpse of light in my every downfall, I can’t help but lift my hands and allow God to pull me over and stand.




Dear God, I offer to you my all,my life and my service..let me be your servant until the end of time. Amen.


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