Survived and renewed

To someone who used to express quirky thoughts  through writing and has not written a blog for almost 2 years, this is a painful, crazy and wild thing.  Bleakness lingers as thoughts and ideas are there but the exit door is blocked. Hence, I’m trapped.

However, the hiatus from writing made me into someone who can  write with a renewed confidence. My absence was intentional as  I focused and exerted my time and energy  to prepare and pass the  2016 Philippine Bar Examinations. It was exhaustively beautiful experience and whenever I am face with challenges, I would always go back to that relieved and triumphant  feeling I had right after I finished the last bar subject. Then and there, I claimed and declared my victory. Gratefully, God on the other hand, had the same victory in stored for me.

2016 was indeed a year of sacrifices, struggles and meaningful challenges  followed by the year of harvesting the fruits of my labor. To make it more interesting , before the release of the exam result I met a wonderful man whom I love and  got engaged with. Later, I found myself being a lawyer and married at the year Two Thousand Seventeen. All these, happened so quick in a matter of 2 years.  Isn’t life that wonderful! ❤







Happy ride 

kymie-bus-journey-diary 2015

Be happy and travel. Traveling doesn’t need to be luxurious and far coz even the 1 hour bus ride to somewhere, you could still extract a kind of joy and peace. 🚍💚✨ It’s how you reflect and enjoy the ride that matters.✨ The destination is just an icing to your cake.👌🏼🌹


One Fine Sunday 

Day of good vibes worth capturing. #selfie #flowers 

I seldom post selfie photos but when I do I make sure to capture the story behind. Hence, this particular Sunday I woke up from a good sleep with a relaxing feeling which is very rare since I have classes on weekends.A morning seminar  resulted to canceled classes and yey! I got the time off to just chill and notice the surroundings and myself. I got fascinated to the flowers and to the natural reflection of the sun to my skin. Little things like these make me real happy and most of all it allows me to stop, reflect to God’s greatness in my life. I am blessed and grateful for everything I have now..less but with lots of love and hopes. 💐💃🏻 #microblog